As we come to the end of 2010, I have remembered that in January I posted about some goals I had made for myself.  They included crafting goals and other personal goals.  As per usual with yearly resolutions/goals, these were not all successful.  For this I mostly blame moving to a new country, even though that’s probably not fair – that’s my story and I am sticking to it.    In short, I can still do only half of a pull-up (a full one if I jump for it), and I still have two books to go to reach three non-fiction books read this year (which might still happen – there is still time!). 

I would however like to announce that I am two knitted items away from reaching my ’20 knitted items in 2010′ goal.  With about two weeks left in December, and a fantastic number of days off coming my way, I think I might be able to make it.  I have several projects on needles, and a few other smaller ones planned – so between them all I should be able to swing two more this year.   

Here is my list of finished knits for 2010 (not in order):

1, 2, & 3: Simple hats for the Ships Project
4. Mittens for Laena
5. Basketweave Infinity Scarf (pattern to come)
6. Cabled Hat for Seth’s Birthday (given as a gift yesterday, photos to come)
7. French press cozy (ditto)
8. One Row Hat
9. Fingerless Mitts for Jennie
10. Baby Hat
11. Garter Rib Mitts (pattern to come)
12. Ruffle Scarf
13. Ye Olde Tan Scarf
14. Asher Vest
15. Seth’s Mittens
16. Fingerless Mitts for Sasha
17. ‘Speaking for Herself’ Hat (pattern to come)
18. Sock Yarn Hat:

Please excuse the poor iPhone images and the office background! 

I was actually surprised when my search for finished knits (through the blog and Ravelry) came up with 18 finished items.  The year must have been longer than it felt!    I think I will stick with 20 finished knits as a goal again for 2011 – my new list of goals will be posted in January.    What are your goals for 2011?