I sewed up this needle hanger out of two fat quarters from a Linlithgow Quilt Shop.  I was getting tired of really loopy circular needles, and had wanted to sew something up like this for a while.

I folded the fat quarters right sides together, cut them so they matched exactly, then sewed each one separately – flipping them inside out afterwards, so I had two pretty rectangles with no visible seam allowances.   I made small tubes for the bows, placed them between the two rectangles, then sewed quilting lines across to make the rows for the needles.  These directions probably sound crazy – but I didn’t take photos during construction, so this is what you get.

Right now I have it hanging in our living room – our only piece of ‘art’ on the walls actually – but I may move it to my closet since Seth thinks it’s sort of weird looking.  I can’t blame him – all those needles sticking out like some sort of sea-creature…

It was a quick practical project – always my favorite.  Next up in the sewing queue: Some mending and a travel/passport wallet. What’s your next project?