After visiting the home of the Kidwells, Seth decided he needed a french press cozy to match theirs. Theirs is a classy gray wool felt number, but alas, I had no felt in colors that Seth would have approved.

Since his birthday was coming up, I grabbed some leftover Rowan Lima and knit up a ribbed cozy with button closures.

(Warning – all of these photos will be very yellow-y.  We only get daylight here from 9:30-3:00.)

I just made up the pattern, guessing how many to cast on – ribbing is pretty forgiving, so I knew it would probably fit.   I put it on the french press, and then placed the press next to my latest charity shop find:

A sugar bowl in a bright navy blue for under a pound.  Since I still drink my tea with (too much) sugar, this gets used on a daily basis.  The next thing I’d like to find at a charity shop is a set of tea cups.

This post cost me only some leftover yarn, 1 hour knitting, and 75p – pretty good I’d say…