Good morning all!  I have finished my first knitted project of 2011.  Admittedly, half of the work was done in 2010, but I am going to disregard this as I think I can count the 6000+ stitches I did in 2011 as almost their own project.  Don’t you think?

The pattern is Citron – a lovely, easy, lime wedge shaped shawl from the Yarniad.  I am surprised at how quickly I finished this knit, especially given the number of stitches involved and how slowly those last rows went.  The yarn is a beautiful blue from the Yarn Yard, and it’s actually a lot brighter than the photos show. The skein that I bought was 150g, and about 750m.  I still have plenty leftover for another small scarf or some mitts.

First knit of 2011: done.