Checked out from the library since my HP Collection is packed away in the states.  In the UK, the title is ‘… and the Philosopher’s Stone’ instead of ‘Sorcerer’s Stone’.  I definitely noticed more UK slang terms during this reading, but I don’t know if those are added over here also, or if I just didn’t notice them in the US version.

As always, this book, and the whole series, is a good read.  Her descriptions of the fictional wizarding world draw me in every time – and her characters are easy to imagine thanks to their descriptions (and if I can’t imagine my own version – I do enjoy the movie versions of these characters as well).

After seeing what some of my friends are reading these days, hearing about their favorite books, and judging by the insanely intellectual conversations that happen during bookclub – I know that rereading the HP series is maybe a little juvenile.  The majority of the books I read could be considered light-reading, but I guess I am okay with that – because reading anything has got to be better than nothing, right?