1. I made myself cocoa at work today.  This isn’t a big deal seeing as I make it most days, except that it was the best cocoa I’ve made in a while.  Making your own cocoa – you never know if you are going to get the ratios of milk, cocoa powder, and sugar correct.  Hot chocolate powder here is typically less sweet than its US counterparts – so I usually add a little sugar  (I mean, I have to ensure some sort of sugar buzz from this). This morning’s cup was one of the best yet. 

2. Last night I took inventory of my crafting supplies.  Mostly because I was collecting items I would need for this Friday’s PinMaking Party (post to come).  This, of course, led to a small bout of start-itis – seen in my new piles of fabric to cut, calligraphy to learn, and friendship bracelets to finish.  And yes, I did just say friendship bracelets – I started a few with my youth group girls last summer and brought them along to finish here.  You know you are jealous since you haven’t even thought about knotting up a friendship bracelet in the last ten years of your life…    Tangent over.  This makes my current list of projects look like this: (some are more like goals than projects)
   -Friendship Bracelets
   -Learning Calligraphy (just bought a book here, having left my other book in the US)
   -Sewing a keyboard/trackpad case & digital recording pouch for Seth
   -Sewing passport wallets for Mom and Bridget for their trip here in March
   -Sewing a project bag for Abby’s March birthday
   -Knitting projects (full list tomorrow on WIP Wednesday)
   -draw more
   -sample pins for Friday’s craft party
Should keep me busy through the rest of the dark Edinburgh winter…

3. I am currently listening to country music on iTunes Radio.  Don’t judge.

4. I bought a new cardigan on clearance at Zara when Abby was here.  It’s a dark bright blue – same color as my Citron.  I think if there was a store that just sold cardigans, I would have to move as far from it as I could to make sure I didn’t spend every last penny indulging my love for them.  Maybe that’s a little strong, but I do really like cardigans. 

5. Seth and I have two new shows that we are close to obssessed with – SyFy’s ‘Warehouse 13’ and BBC’s ‘Sherlock‘.  Both = FANTASTIC.   Warehouse 13 might be a little too cheesy for most of you (you’re judging me right now, aren’t you?), but I encourage you to pick up/download some of Sherlock (a modern version, done very well, sort of dark, but also has humor – very addicting).    

6. In case you didn’t heard my whinging about it, my first pair of wellies sprung a leak.  I was suprisingly able to return them for a full refund – which I spent all of and more on Hunter wellies in navy.  So far so good.  Pray these don’t also leak – I don’t like having wet socks. 

7. I started reading ‘Practical Theology for Women’ by Wendy Alsup.  It’s been great so far and I can’t wait to get into it more.  I have been needing to refocus and this will help me do that, I think.  If anyone would like to read it when I am done – leave a comment, I will happily send it along (even to my girls in the states!).   Thank you Jennie for sending to me!

That’s all I can come up with for now.  Watch the blog for information for a series I plan to do about letter writing and get your stationary ready for a penpal/letter swap/card sending event (in the next month or so).   Happy Tuesday!