Despite all of my current projects, knitting and otherwise – I cast on for this hat a few days ago.  Size US10.5 needles, two strands of gray worsted weight yarn held together, and 72 stitches make for a fast hat. I knit for 6 rows to get a rolled edge, then started in moss stitch and improvised the decreases. This hat can be worn like a beanie or like a slouchy hat – either way it’s really warm.  I think I was sick of seeing this gray yarn in my small yarn stash, and after attempting at least 6 other projects with it unsuccessfully, I just cast on for this to use it up!  Is that wrong?  Comment as you will.

(Sorry I look so orange – I blame the lack of sunlight and the use of florescent lightbulbs. Maybe I can pretend it’s a tan of some sort…)