This modern classic by Marilynne Robinson was one of our two bookclub books for January.   This book was very different compared to my normal light reading – but I enjoyed it.  I don’t think I can yet articulate how I felt about this book, or what it really meant – but it has me thinking. 

The story is about a daughter coming home to care for her dying father with the addition of her ‘black sheep’ brother also coming to live with them.  Dealing with past family issues, her father’s health, her brother’s alcoholism and depression, and attempting to figure out where her life is headed make Glory’s time at home emotionally tough.  The timeline of the story is heavily interspersed with memories and family stories. 

One review said of the book,  ‘One of the saddest books I have ever loved.’  (Sarah Churchwell, Guardian)

The second book for this month’s bookclub is another by Robinson – the companion book to this one, Gilead.  Better get reading if I am going to finish before our meeting!