Seth and I started baking our own bread last weekend.  While we are probably the last on earth to hear about how awesome it is, we were pretty nerd-ily excited about doing it anyway.  Seth had picked up some wheat bread flour and yeast for a recipe last month, and as I am all about seeing what I can make from what we already have – wheat bread it was.  Making bread is WAY easier than I assumed it would be – mix up the 4-5 ingredients, tire your arms out kneading, then let it rise and bake it. What was I afraid of?

Our first loaf was baked on a cake pan and was shaped like a flattened sphere, but it tasted great – thick and weighty with a simple wheat-y goodness.  My grocery store trip the next day had me buying white bread flour, a loaf pan and a proper bread knife, resulting in a second loaf as soon as I could talk the dough into rising (that’s the second loaf above).   Making the second loaf was a great plan, since we had pretty much eaten all of the wheat loaf in one day. 

I never understood the draw of having a bread machine until now – throw in the ingredients and have fresh bread in 2-3 hours?  Umm, yes please.  But until we can afford that modern convenience, I will be in my tiny apartment kitchen, kneading dough and trying not to eat whole loaves of bread as a meal.  Come on over for a fresh slice with butter and jam…