I was recently sucked into a clever display at a local charity shop – a table full of books on calligraphy reminded me of my long-held dream of learning better penmanship. Three pounds later I was at home, digging through the pens, pencils and markers I brought over here with me, looking for a few calligraphy appropriate pens.

Pencil guidelines were drawn and I started in on the first chapter of the book – practicing pen angles and attempting to force my hands into creating pretty, even lines and swoops.  Chapter One has you practicing various lines and angles, but not yet attempting actual letters.   I think it will be a while before I am charging hundreds to hand write wedding invites, but I am looking forward to learning and practicing.

Saturday morning saw me visiting a proper embroidery shop with Katy.  We had been discussing wanting to learn crewel work and other embroidery styles, so had planned to pick out the same project to make and work on together.  We chose a book of iron transfers that featured Victorian floral designs and then each picked modern colors to embroider with.

I am planning to embroider the design, then turn it into a small pillow.  There are many designs in the transfer book that are actually pretty modern looking – I wonder if Seth would let us have embroidered floral tea towels?  I’ll bet he would if I also did some with robots or Latin words.  Hmmm.

Lets see, needlework, calligraphy – all I need is to learn music and horse riding and I would be a proper Regency young lady from a wealthy family – straight out of a Jan Austen book….