Friday night I sat down to pick up stitches for the short sleeves of my almost finished 2010 cardigan.  I thought if I just got them started, I would more than likely finish the sweater within a week or so. 

Turns out those baby sleeves are pretty fast knitting (who would have thought?) and were both finished by later that evening.  I decided to go ahead and weave in the ends and block the thing while I was at it, and by 12:30am – voila!

More seasoned knitters might think of better ways to block a sweater, but well – this way worked just fine.   I don’t know if I mentioned it here, but while I was knitting this, I got a little worried that it would be too small.  I think that’s why the sleeves took me so long to start!  Fortunately blocking works wonders, and today I am wearing a finished cardigan:

Hopefully I can get someone to take photos of me in the sweater, but for now – here is my own self-portrait.  The buttons look like they are pulling, but the fit is fine, so I don’t know why they look like that.

By the way, walking to work this morning I was amazed at the warmth of this wool.  Maybe I don’t own enough wool sweaters to have a true knowledge of the warmth of a full-on layer of wool (truth: I now own ONE wool sweater – the one shown above), but today I am as warm as ever – and only wishing that I’d knitted long sleeves for this cardi.

Someday I will knit this sweater again in the next size up – it blocked out to size, but the body portion of the sweater lost a little beauty because of it. See how the collar fabric looks tighter than the body?  I didn’t have to do any ‘stretching’ there and I like the look of the fabric better.  Ah well – no other complaints and I am still going to wear the sweater.

I am so happy to be finished with this, but mostly because now I can wear it – the pattern itself was pretty fun to knit, yes, even with the miles of moss stitch…