When we first moved to Edinburgh, I was whirling through finding a flat and a job and getting Seth settled into New College.  Among these first ‘need to do’ items was also the searching out of a knitting group.  We had only been here 4 days when I attended my first one – if you know me at all, that won’t surprise you.

The group meets Thursdays at a local cafe and is pretty large for a weekly knitting group.  There are many regulars and hosts of others who cycle in and out as their schedules allow.   Weekly I go and meet with Kristine, Imogen (who eats the frosting from my chocolate cake each week at group – starting with the first week I met her), Nichola, Jackie, Liz, Ysolda, Sarah and many others.

{Ysolda, me, Sarah}

Last week Anne Hanson and Cookie A were visiting Ysolda and came to our group.  They (and Ysolda) are, as Kristine calls them, Knitting Royalty, but were the friendliest people ever and it was great to meet them.   I was admittedly a little in awe, but mostly because someday I would like to have a creative job that I love and was willing to work really hard at the way they do.

{me, Anne, Cookie}

Now that they’ve come and gone, I’ve thought of all sorts of questions I should have asked and witty things I should have said… 

Just kidding about the witty sayings part.

Dear Knitting Group – you are awesome and I am glad to be welcomed into your haven of wool and conversation.

Finally, a shout out to my awesome Wednesday night knitting group that I now can’t attend due to another commitment, and hugs back to my knitting group in Chicago!

(big grin) PS: There is a photo of me on Anne’s blog – knitspot.