Get ready Edinburgh – the Johnsons are coming!

Well, three of them are coming, along with two Nixa girls.  My mom, dad and youngest sister are winging their way to Edinburgh in March, along with my mom’s two sisters.   While Seth and my dad run off to golf and fish, us girls will be sipping tea/wine/coffee, eating cake and having our photos taken with the kilt-clad bagpipe guy on Princes Street.   

To help my mom and sister prepare for their journey, I whipped up a few more passport wallets this past weekend.   I like the one I made a lot and thought they’d enjoy having their own.

The one on the left is for Bridget and since she’s going through a wolf-loving phase right now (I don’t get it, but she’s just so cute, I love it about her anyway), I embroidered a wolf on the edge of hers.  And yes, that is supposed to be a wolf, stop snickering.

My mom’s pretty much matches mine with the purple ruffle and fabrics – very girly and fun.

I added extra card pockets to theirs, thinking they’d want more than two slots – with IDs, other cards and smaller papers, they will need them.

I had to leave out the coin pouch on my mom’s, as there was a slight issue with fitting it in – I don’t know how that happened, but oh well.  So I moved the card slots up to the center and she now has a separate coin pouch to keep her pounds and pence in.   I can’t tell if this will be enough room for my mom’s travel needs – she usually carries a large folder on trips like these and no offence will be taken if she saves this gift for a future vacation.

This was a great weekend project – quick enough to finish easily, but interesting enough to want to make a few more times, and always a good result!   I hope they like them!

Next up in the sewing queue: A small rectangle bag for my other sister’s birthday in March and a second matching rectangle bag from the leftover fabrics as another project bag for me.  Complementary gift sewing and selfish sewing – a great way to spend a sewing day…