This book contains three separate short stories with two things in common in each – Pride and Prejudice, and Christmas in some manner.

The first story is an alternate ending to P&P – following the plotline of Ebenezer Scrooge’s visits by the three Christmas ghosts.  They visit Darcy and show him his life if he does not pursue Elizabeth Bennet.   This was my favorite of the three, though the most fantastical.

The second is the telling of the birth of the first Darcy child. It was the most boring of the three, but kept with the characters as Austen wrote them.

The third is a collection of chapters each detailing different Christmases in the lives of the Darcy’s – from before they were married to Christmas with their grownup children.  Slightly racy in the normal Lathan way, but a very interesting snapshot version of a P&P sequel.

I actually finished reading this in January – I had received it as a Christmas gift from my mom, and wanted to read it before Christmas was too far behind us.   The dark nights of Edinburgh make curling up and reading books a fairly frequent activity – admittedly, I am writing this post on the 11th of January and have already read the 6 books I have posted about so far.  I anticipate the reading rate to drop slightly throughout the year and relish the chance to get ahead of my goal.

This book was a fun light-hearted read – good for any P&P fan.