I recently cleaned out my knitting bag.  The WIPs I had at the time were overflowing and making a clutter mess of project bags around my knitting bag.  I have since finished two projects and tucked a few others away for future finishing (a ‘time out’ of sorts, but only because of my space issue). 

That leaves three projects in my knitting bag and a new sense of purpose and direction to my knitting.   I have yarn and needles picked for St Patty’s day hats for my family (left), simple stockinette stitch mitts – perfect for bus rides and knitting group (center), and after the successful completion of my 2010 Cardi, I am newly determined to finish a simple brown vest that is 70% done already (right).  The project bag for my unphoto-ed Chrysanthemum mittens is floating around our flat somewhere and therefore is not counted in the knitting bag projects roundup, but they are still being worked on slowly – they require a lot of attention. 

What’s in your knitting bag?