Today I am in the mood to start something new

To take a nosedive into my newly organized Ravelry queue – starting with number one and moving swiftly down the list. 

To take a day off for the ridiculous reason of wanting to knit the whole left front of a cardigan in one sitting.

To put my WIPs on a timeout while I make them jealous by cozying up to this vest (number 2 in the ‘queue’ – mine will be in a solid color) or this flutter sleeved beauty (hmmm…two of them in different colors, I think).

The reasoning behind this sudden bout of want-to-start-itis is still unclear to me.  As listed last week, I have tucked away some WIPs, leaving only those I am still interested in finishing in a timely manner (or am under a deadline for).  Those Chrysanthemum Mittens are still singing a siren-song to me, but I haven’t had time for super focused knitting so they have been singing to themselves in their project bag for the last week.

I mean, should I take a knitting pledge not to start anything new until I have finished 2 WIPs? or go even further and say nothing new until all the WIPs are done?  :: Gasp ::   Isn’t that what a responsible knitter would do?


Knitting is only a hobby and shouldn’t be guilt-inducing.*  

That settles it.  I’m starting Fiorella.

*Guilt is probably a good thing when your hobby becomes the major expense on each month’s CC statement.  Stash as you will, but knitting is not worth your livelihood (or potential bankruptcy).  Just saying.