Does anyone else besides me enjoy a good swap? 

Let’s have one, shall we? 

In honor of Letter Writing Month here at AnnieHorn, I am hosting a Letter themed swap.  Here are the details:

What We Are Swapping:
1. A letter from you to your partner
2. Some stationary or cards: either store-bought or handmade, with envelopes
3. A pen of any type (something fun/nice in any color) to help encourage writing letters
4. OPTIONAL: Other small things (Nailpolish, candy, etc.) 
Please spend around $15/£10 on your swap package.

How to sign up:
Email anniehorndesigns [at] gmail [dot] com with your name, email address, blog/website URL, and address.
I will also need to know if you are willing to ship internationally or only to your home country.
Any other information your swap partner should know (ex: you probably should know if your partner has a deadly peanut allergy before blindly sending a snickers bar)
SIGNUPS CLOSE ON MARCH 16.  Information about your partner will be emailed to you by March 19.

Mail your package:
Wrap it up pretty and put it in the mail by April 1.

I know writing a letter to someone who could be a complete stranger might seem a little off-putting, but by writing in your hobbies, likes/dislikes, and maybe a description of how you spend a typical day – you’ll have already filled a whole page.   Add in a little collage of some magazine clippings, a favorite recipe, or photos of things you’ve made – and you’ve got a letter anyone would love to read.   Also – who doesn’t love to get mail and wouldn’t be happy with anything that came their way that wasn’t a bill or an advert? 

Tell your friends!

Please comment below with questions about this swap, but don’t leave any personal info there – email it to me!

:: Letter Writing Month begins March 1 ::