This one was a re-read from last year.  I’ve actually probably come back to this book several times at least to read favorite passages.  What I love about this book is a combination of period detail and a storyline that really moves throughout the whole book.   I think I am coming to realize that I love books where the story really moves, and moves quickly – not too quickly where you miss out on certain details and character development, but I am not really a fan of a slow book. 

Plot Summary:  Georgiana Darcy is shy and nervous about all the coming changes in her life – her brother’s new wife and her presentation and first season.  With Elizabeth’s help, she begins to overcome her shyness and gain self-confidence.   The story moves from Pemberley to Netherfield to London and back again several times, following the paths of Georgiana, the newly married Darcys, Jane and Bingley, Caroline, Kitty, and the Colonel (making this a sequel for all the P&P characters, not just Georgiana).   

Next up on the reading list: Some non-fiction and some bookclub books before I get back into HP.