Welcome to Letter Writing Month at AnnieHorn!   Each week I will be highlighting fun mailing supplies, quotes from a well-known letter writer – Jane Austen, and a variety of other topics all relating to mail and letter writing. 

My personal plan is to write a letter a day for the whole of March.  Long have I planned to be a good snail mail correspondent and never made it happen.   And since there is nothing better than a public declaration of a goal to make you accomplish it, why not share this month of letters with my (few) readers to get the ball rolling and keep me accountable?   

Besides my own personal goal of letter writing, I also wanted to do some research into letter writing – history of writing letters, how the post worked in different eras, where to find pretty stationary, etc.   I hope to sum up my research into short quick-read bits – give you a taste of the material, instead of a thesis paper.  

I especially hope that you will join our Letter Swap.  Information can be found HERE and the deadline to sign up is March 16. 

And so the letter writing commences…

“Expect a most agreeable letter, for, not being overburdened with subject (having nothing at all to say), I shall have no check to my genius from beginning to end.”
-Jane Austen, January 1801