I like stamps. 

There.  I said it. 

No, I don’t have a collection.   No, I don’t ever plan to have a collection. 

I think it is a stamp’s special quality of being a useful sticker that I like (what woman doesn’t have a secret love of stickers from their Lisa Frank days?).  A kind of currency in itself – whether self-adhesive or the ‘lick and stick’ variety, it will get your mail from point A to point B. 

I like seeing what new stamps they have available at the post office (though, now being in the UK, this is limited to different background behind a silhouette of the Queen’s head).  I like seeing what sorts of stamps come in from around the world when my office gets mail.   Even when I would write fake letters to people while playing pretend as a child, I used to love to draw a stamp on the outside – I mean, it had to ‘get mailed’ somehow!

I have looked up (read: Googled) postage stamps and come up with some educational and fun ones I wanted to share with you.  Enjoy.

The UK was the first to issue stamps with the start of the Penny Post in 1840.

{Image and Info}

This example I thought looked like a modern version of a retro design, if that makes sense:

{Image and Article on ‘The Value of Old Postage Stamps’}

I would have loved to get a letter with one of these stamps:

{Designed by engraver Reynolds Stone}

And finally, some other interesting designs:

{Amazing. 1978 UFO Airmail Stamp from Paraguay}

{Image and more info}

{Image and more MJ stamps}