Though there are shops and sites full of pretty stationary and cards, you might want to make your own.  Why can’t the art of letter writing also be a part of craft time?

Starting with quality paper is a must for me.  A linen finish cardstock is my favorite for cards, and if you can track down a weight of paper inbetween printer paper and cardstock, that’s your best bet for full or half sheet stationary.  I enjoy white, ivory or a pale gray paper best, but your personality might demand a hot pink or bright green.  Just make sure you can read your writing on the paper – no super dark colors unless you plan to invest in those silver or white gel pens. 

If you are making your own stationary, you might want to consider investing in a personalized embossing tool.

Another cheaper option is a personalized stamp.  Going with something simple, like your monogram, will be your best bet because you can use it for more than just your stationary, and it will last through address changes and trends.    Add your ‘logo’ to the top or bottom of your paper, however you think it looks best. 

You can also create fun stationary with other stamps and materials.  Here is one of my favorites:

{Cork Blueberry Stamps – Martha Stewart}

I spent an afternoon last summer printing up cute stationary with blueberries and mixed in some red berries as well.  I will admit that at the time, I had no corks, so used carrots instead (no judgement, please). I probably have a set of 50-75 sheets of stationary in this design.  I, of course, then stashed the stationary in an unknown box and left it in the state unused, so no recipients of my letters will see this paper for another couple of years.

I also left my ‘downsized for the move’ stash of card making paper in the states (I mean, you have to draw the line – clothes over crafts – when moving overseas!).  But my favorite way of making cards is to go very simple – pick paper that is fun and doesn’t need lots of embellishment.  Glue on a square of it to a plain card and  send that letter.   Of course, that might sound shocking to those of you who are truly gifted in the art of making cards – so please feel free to embellish all you want! Glitter, pop-up stickers, rub on letters – toss it all on there.  Just leave room for the most important part – the letter itself! 

I had planned to list links for Card Making tutorials, but a google search yielded too many options, and I am out of time for today to search through my blog reader archives for any.   I would love to see some card making tutorial links or simple instructions left in the comments – share your research with us!   Have a good idea for making your own stationary?  Leave that in the comments too!