I still remember the exciting feeling of finding a note in my locker in between lunch and junior high science lab or getting passed a note during Spanish.   Friends and I would pass notes during class, during passing time and after school.  Some of us even had notebooks we would pass back and forth – a complete record of a month of Junior High activity (Yes, we could fill up a notebook a month), of boys we liked then hated, of what people were wearing, and of what events were happening that weekend (mostly going to the mall).

All junior high girls learn how to fold a note.  While simple folding is adequate – a slightly more complicated fold takes your note from boring to beautiful – especially when it’s on lined notebook paper that you’ve ripped out of a spiral notebook without perforated pages.  Forgotten how to fold?

Hey Jen Renee has a tutorial on two styles of folding (the top one being my ‘Most Used in Junior High’ method).

Heart shapes and more for all your note folding needs.

Need a little extra help in the form of a video? Secret Note Video Tutorial

I have been folding some of my letters for the month into these junior high formats and tucking them into cards to send them.  It’s a really fun flashback activity to fold a letter like a junior high note – give it a whirl!