Continuing to write letters and loving it.  Sent off a few today to family and also sent along a few postcards.  I have been mostly writing to friends I need to catch up with, so can easily fill pages with stories from our time so far in Edinburgh.

I tried to write a letter today while also watching a show on my computer. Turns out I can’t multitask that way! It took me ages to compose the letter as I would get distracted by the show, then have to reread all I had written so far in order to continue on in a readable manner.   Probably not the best letter I had ever written, but I am sure the recipient will forgive me.

Will be working next on my letter swap letters (one for my swap partner and one for the Giveaway winner).  I sort of want to keep my swap gifts to myself, but will refrain – knowing that my swap partner will be sending me a package very soon!

Would love to hear about fun things you’ve written in letters or received in a letter – topics you liked reading/writing about, picture/doodles drawn in the margins, or magazine clippings you’ve included just for fun.  I still have a few more letters to send this month and would love to include more than just words on my pages.    How should I fill my letters after catching the recipient up on news from my life?