During my youth group days (as a youth, not as a leader), I remember an exercise we would do each summer at camp.  Towards the end of the camp week, we’d all be given time to write a letter to ourselves.   We were to write up anything we’d want the future us to know, as the camp would send the letters the following summer.  We were supposed to include memories/inside jokes, things that were meaningful from the week of camp, reminders of things God had recently done in our lives (as inevitably we’d have forgotten them by the following summer!), and anything else we thought would be neat to read 12 months in the future.

In the same vein, I know people who will write themselves a letter and place it where they will forget about it until months/years later – these are usually letters written to encourage our future selves of our worth, beauty, etc.  As you know, we all tend to be a little negative at times when it comes to how we view ourselves – anyone else have random (or frequent?) bouts of low self-confidence?  These letters are supposed to uplift us and help that.

Remembering those old camp letters had me thinking that I’d write myself a letter – whether handwritten or typed – then put a date on it for next year sometime and tuck it away into my paper files at home. As I typically let my personal paper filing pile up for a few months before organizing it all, opening the letter will only be a few ‘filings’ away!

I think I’ll include encouraging messages along with notes to self (‘love Seth more’, ‘it’s time for new jeans’, ‘how’s your prayer life?’, etc).   Maybe I’ll also include a few projects that I want to have done by the time this letter gets opened, but as a deterrent to depression when those projects inevitably do not get done, I will also include some cheesy line like ‘Seize the day! This is your year!’   Gotta keep this letter positive, people.

How about you?  Have you ever written a letter to yourself?  If you keep a diary/journal, do you ever re-read what you’ve written from past days/months/years?