Although it is two days before the end of March, I have officially reached the end of Letter Writing Month.  I will still be sending letters through the end of the month, as well as beyond since I have more than a few letters to write to catch up to my goal.  No self-guilt about it – I still want to send them and so I will, whether it’s in March or not until July.

I’ve had fun learning about mail, letters, funny mailboxes, and had fun rambling on to you in many words with little substance!   I loved picking out swap packages for my swap partner and giveaway winner (and some for myself as well), and really liked the feeling of putting pen to paper to so many people.

So now the blog will go back to my book goal posts, attempts at crafty-ness and other totally random content.  Thanks for stopping by!

*Note to Swap participants: Please send your swap packages by April 1.