My family’s recent visit to Edinburgh happened to fall over St Patrick’s Day.  As my mom and her two sisters are half Irish, they always feel compelled to celebrate by wearing green, calling my 100% Irish grandmother, and drinking Guinness.

Since their visit fell on this important holiday, they asked that I knit up green hats for them to wear.  The only request they had, other than color, was that the hats not ‘flatten their hair’.

A first attempt at the hats proved disastrous.  Having not knit too many slouchy hats before, I wasn’t sure how slouchy was too slouchy until I was 4/5s done with a hat that turned out to be gigantic.  The pattern I was using was also far to time-consuming given my deadline of March 17.

I searched Ravelry for a pattern to go with my yarn – looking for something with a little interest combined with a lot of stockinette stitch (for time’s sake).  I found the Poppy Slouchy Hat pattern and decided to run with it.  Luckily, it turned out to be just perfect for what I wanted and no more frogging was required.

{Aunt Therese, Mom, Aunt Anne in St Andrews}

The pattern features a simple slouchy hat body with a sort of lace rib brim. These hats were dead easy to make and I was able to finish with time to spare (not lots of time, but you know how that goes).

They wore the hats all week which was a huge relief for me.  It is very rare for my family to request something hand knit, and so when they loved what I made, it lead to a huge sense of accomplishment.

The hats also only took about half of the yarn I thought they would – making this a nice pattern to keep on hand for last minute gifts and anyone else who doesn’t want their hair flattened….

How was your St Patrick’s Day?