Growing up in a family of PIs can’t possibly be easy.  Isabel Spellman spent the first 25 years of her life getting in trouble in a big way, but was always good at private investigating and started working for the family business at age 12. Her later 20’s are better spent, less trouble and more work.  Eventually, after being under 24 hour tail from her parents, she wants out.  They give her an impossible case to solve before she quits and the story moves along from there. 

This book was full of humor and fun stories from each character’s past.   The dysfunctional family element was saddening, but in book form it comes off as humor (for the most part – I mean, I wouldn’t want to live in a family like this).     I might try out the next books in the series, but I’m not in any rush (as I was with the Fforde books) – overall analysis, good, fun read but not a go-to favorite.