On Sunday, Kristen and I headed out to West Kilbride for a day of yarn dye-ing with Old Maiden Aunt.  We had a blast mixing colors, dye-ing our test skeins and trying our hand at larger skeins as well.

We carefully wrote down our proportions for the smaller skeins, so we could scale up for the larger ones.

Keeping in accordance with our normal odd sameness, Kristen and I both showed up with braids in our hair, tan vests, cuffed jeans and all-stars.   Sometimes it gets downright uncanny.

Those are my tester skeins in the front of the photo, with Kristen’s at the back.  We played around with how the same dye concoction would turn out on different fibers.  The almost red and the light coral from my tester skeins are the same recipe and amount of dye, but two different types of yarn. Crazy!

Lilith, the mastermind behind Old Maiden Aunt, was friendly and sweet.  We loved her ‘dash of this, dash of that’ mentality towards dye-ing. She made us unafraid to try anything, mix and remix any color and play around until we got the tone we wanted.  The larger skeins in the photo are her work.

After my test skeins, I decided to dye a few more than my one workshop-included large skein.  I dyed a 4-ply merino/bamboo blend in a deep purple to make a shawl/scarf:

The bamboo doesn’t absorb the dye, so there is a nice sheen to the yarn where the bamboo is mixed in – it adds a lot of interest to the color.

I also chose to dye three skeins of an alpaca/silk/cashmere blend to make the Plain and Simple Pullover.

The green is a little deeper in person.  I am happy to report that both sets of yarn are for projects in my Ravelry queue – keeping me in line with my desire (though not a strict rule) to spend yarn money only on yarn for projects I already have planned. Though I will be honest and say that, had budget allowed, I would have bought a boatload of Old Maiden Aunt yarns – Lilith has a great eye for color!

Kristen and I had a great time knitting on the train rides to West Kilbride and back. We got to take a quick tour of the new, larger space Lilith is moving into next month.  My fingers were dyed purple and teal when I gave up on wearing the latex gloves.  A full day of craftyness?  Amazing.  If you are headed for Scotland, make sure you sign up for a workshop with Lilith.  Even non-knitters would love this workshop!