Tomorrow is my 27th birthday.

My cousin Kev seems to think this is a big deal – at least for a fair number of musicians. I am fully okay with turning 27, especially after a killer surprise party last weekend (way to go Seth and friends – what a blast!).

Since my birthday falls just before Easter weekend, I plan to enjoy a nice four day weekend as a part of my birthday celebration.   Where might you find me this weekend?

-at church: remembering and celebrating, singing and praying
-wandering through the many Stockbridge charity shops
-eating French macaroons
-walking the Royal Botanic Gardens
-figuring out different ways to style my new haircut
-sipping cocoa and tea, and eating too much cake
-spending hours in a bookshop
-sleeping in (and trying to get rid of this awful cold!)
-watching Merlin and Doctor Who with Seth (don’t judge)
-visiting the local bead store in search of the perfect new earrings
-rereading Fellowship of the Ring
-renting HP7.1 for a rewatch
-etc etc etc

The list may look a little bit dull and lacking adventure, but isn’t that the point of a relaxing weekend?

27 – here I come…