Inspector Ben Ross investigates a murder that occurs during a thick London fog as well as investigating the activities of a potential swindler posing as a minister spouting the ideals of prohibition and the evils of drink.   Great detail about Victorian London – customs, clothing and etiquette.   The author writes from the point of view of both Ross and his wife (who helps with his investigations), splitting up sections of the book for each of them.  It was a different way to approach this type of story and gave the book a really well rounded feel.

I think I need to stop reading crime novels before bed – the combination of a novel about a murderer and the darkness of night time are just bad news for my irrational fears. I don’t think it helped that after reading the first half of this book, I woke up to a very foggy Edinburgh.  That was a fun walk to work – jumping at every noise and irrationally imagining all sorts of things happening in the fog ahead of and behind me.  

I think this book is part of a series.  Maybe if I can find time to read in the daylight, I can make it through the rest of the series…

Start to finish: February 10-12