1. Prepared three new knitting projects to start at will.  Am having trouble focusing on any one knit and feeling like I will complete more projects faster if I start a bunch at once.  This, of course, is total self-deception.   For this lack of focus I blame my Ravelry queue as well as any of my friends who are pregnant/adopting – suddenly my queue is filled with baby cardigans.  

2. One of those baby cardigans is Laura Chau’s Sweet Bunting. I have a feeling that instead of knitting many types of baby sweaters, I will end up knitting this for all of them (maybe even regardless of gender).

3. My love for this pattern was on intensified when last night at knitting group, Laura Chau joined us at Tea Tree Tea.  She’s a friend of Ysolda’s and is on holiday in the UK for the month.   I am a fan of her consistently good taste in designing and have queued up her patterns several times in the last 6 months.  She’s very sweet and down to earth as well – it was great to meet her. 

4. Despite the knitting fever 1-3 may have shown, I am in the middle of two sets of visitors (friends this week, family next week).  I love to hostess and practice hospitality, so I am enjoying having some people to inflict this on.  This weekend will see me on a Highlands tour and next week a road trip up the west coast to the Isle of Skye.

5. I am thinking about creating a nutritional plan for myself that does not include so much sugar.  Yesterday I consumed a hot cocoa, a tea, and a large iced mocha – along with these I ate sugary cereal, the equivalent of one whole donut, three shortbread cookies, two pieces of fancy hazelnut chocolate, and another dark chocolate cookie.   Admittedly, this was not at all balanced by veggies or super healthy foods (B: Scone, L: Cheesy pita, D: Turkey, Brie & Cranberry sandwich).     I really did think I was healthier than this.

6. #5 shows me that I should keep a food diary for a little while.  It has also proved to me that I am scared to keep a food diary as I would no doubt be ashamed of each page.

7. The next year may see me adding spinning to my craft repetoire.   I shall try to resist as long as possible for the sake of our budget and our storage space.

8. Just finished the latest Jasper Fforde novel ‘One of Our Thursdays is Missing’.  I am such a huge fan of his Thursday Next series – I am already impatient for the next novel (which won’t be out for a year or so I suppose).  Maybe I should have paced myself through the first six instead of reading them all in less than a month…

Eight seems like enough for one day and besides, I am having trouble stringing two or more thoughts together coherently, which is never the best state of mind to be blogging in.    I will be back soon with WIPs, photos from my upcoming adventures and more random lists.