‘On the day of the ‘Royal Wedding’ in July 1981 at a house party on the banks of the Thames, a little girl wanders off on her own. Her doll is found floating in the river, but of the girl herself there is no sign. Twenty years on and Antonia Darcy, divorcee and assistant librarian at the Military and Naval Club, still puzzles over the disappearance of Sonya Dufrette and the strange behavior of the awful Lawrence Dufrette, his exotic wife Lena, and intelligent and charming Lady Mortlock — not to mention the strange absence of the nanny. Ably assisted by her new admirer, Major Payne, Mrs. Darcy embarks on the first adventure in a new series of ingeniously plotted whodunits set against the background of country house life.’   (From GoodReads.com)

This book is set in modern day England and is the first of a series involving Antonia Darcy and (eventually her husband) Major Payne.  I found the book to be interesting, but a little too creepy for my tastes.  Mostly I think it was the death of a child that I find the most disturbing (and would about any book).   I will again say that I should not be reading crime novels before bed, which probably skewed my thinking on this book a little.   I believe I might try this series again at a later time to see if I can’t give it a fair appraisal.

Start to Finish: February 13-16