The third in the series about the Knitting Club at Walker and Daughter yarn shop in NYC.  I read the first in the series years ago, but never picked up the second book.  I was able to jump right into the third one, however, thanks to Kate’s genius ways of sneaking in information from the past two books.  I won’t say you could just pick up this book without reading the first one, but I was easily able to glean what had happened in the second book from the details she gives in the third. 

It was a fun quick read with a great balance of light-heartedness and reality for the characters.  They are each facing their own real-world issues that many women can relate to and the age range of the characters is so varied that you can’t help but feel connected to one or more of them personally.   Plus, I love it because they talk about knitting a lot – a hobby I have embraced to near obsession. 

Thanks to my sister-in-law Ashlee for sending this over the pond as a Christmas gift!

Start to Finish: February 26-27