Last week I went on a road trip with Seth and the in-laws.  I made a point to drive up to Shilasdair as a part of our driving around Skye, and on the second attempt to get to the shop, we made it (the first attempt ending a few miles short thanks to a flat tire – in the rain – with no phone service – fun times).

The shop is well laid out and displays lots of hand knits already made (for sale or as display for a kit or both).  I picked up four skeins of 4 ply with a vest in mind, TBD.

This brings my yarn stash up to this much yarn:

This photo does not include the 5 skeins of yarn brought to me from my tiny stash in the states, nor does it include the 5-6 projects/yarn in my knitting bag.  I am going to guess that I have yarn enough for 9-10 projects in this bin.  Most knitters would consider this to be a small stash of yarn – judging by the ‘flash your stash’ thread on Ravelry, I would have to say that I agree!  Reading the ‘flash your stash’ thread is a frequent lunch hour activity for me – some days inducing jealousy, but most days just making me laugh and wonder in amazement at some knitters ability to accumulate yarn!  So far my favorite photo shared in the thread was of a double bed covered with yarn – probably 80-100 lovely skeins.  The tagline under the photo read, ‘And this is just my Malabrigo.’  I don’t know that I even want to know how much yarn this woman has if that is her stash for just one brand!   :) 

Do you keep a ‘stash’ of yarn/fabric/other craft supplies?  I’d love to hear about it!