Fiorella is coming along! Since this photo, I have cast off the second sleeve and divided my remaining yarn for the front edging.  Turns out the extra skeins I ordered ‘just in case’ are a different colorway – this one must be discontinued!  I have one full 100g skein to split between to front edges – The skein is now in two equal looking sections, so even if I come up short, at least both edgings will be the same length!

I started my Plain & Simple Pullover as easy knitting for my recent road trip and have a few inches done.  I anticipate this being a slow knit, so will work on it inbetween my other WIPs.  14′ of stockinette left to go…

My other WIPs remain the same – no new work done on my Chrysanthemum mittens, the Giraffe, or the Mezquita shawl.  The shawl is definitely not exciting me right now, so I will probably rip out the two rows I have cast on and tuck the yarn away for another purpose.    I do have plans to add two more projects to the list: A laptop case for my sister’s upcoming 19th birthday (a special request) and a Milanese Lace hat (hopefully a hat will be a quick finish knit – I need one of those right about now).    I should probably start a few of those baby cardi’s I was going on and on about – the number of people I know expecting and adopting just keeps going up!

What are you working on?