1. Fiorella – Still finishing this one up.  Might have to rip back the front edge ribbing I picked up and pick up less stitches along the edge.   Estimated finish date: June 4

2. Plain and Simple Pullover – Still only a couple inches done on this one.  I am not in a hurry to finish this, so will let it takes its own sweet time.

3. Chrysanthemum Mittens – Not a single stitch added since last time, but have added these to my June goals list.  Estimated finish date: June 30

4. Giraffe Toy – Same as the mittens.

5. Weave Stitch Laptop Case – Learned to cable without a cable needle (Thanks, Sarah!) and got about two inches done.  In super bulky wool, that’s about 3 rows, so I am hoping this will knit up rather quickly (especially since the recepient’s birthday is in 2.5 weeks). 

In other knitting news, I knit a whole baby sweater between last week’s WIP Wednesday and this week’s.  Photos to come.