1. Finish Fiorella/Laptop Case/Giraffe/Chrysanthemum Mittens.
2. CO Milanese Lace Hat/Larch/Wurm/Raglan Baby Sweater.
3. Knit 10 Hexagons for the blanket.
4. Have Seth decide on his sweater pattern.
5. Wash all winter handknits and store until fall.

1. Cut cotton scraps into quilt squares.
2. Sew Carrier Bag Holder/Ironing Board Cover/other already cut projects.
3. Run that wool sweater through a hot water wash.
4. Make 25 flower pins to sell at Olive.
5. Create list of projects to sew from inspiration book/computer files.

1. Catch up on magazines.
2. Read: Girls Gone Mild, Jesus for President, The Two Towers, & Practical Theology for Women
3. Blog 2x week.
4. Create business plan for new Etsy store idea and create sample products.
5. Update inspiration book with new images.
6. Walk in the Botanic Gardens once a week.
7. Re-visit the National Museum.

Note: This list may seem long, but if I count up all the hours I spent watching dvds/tv in May, I could easily fit all this in if I exchange TV for fun projects and stop wasting time on the computer. True (and sad) story.