Pattern: Little Coffee Bean Cardigan
Yarn: Cotton Ease
Size: 3 months

I started this on May 24 and cast off on May 29.  This pattern was lovely to knit and I don’t think I’ve knit anything this quickly in a long time.  The outfit is for Katy and Jeremy’s son who is due to arrive in early August.  I had to get my handmade baby gift in early since Katy is an avid seamstress and knitter.  Just look at some of the outfits she made her sister’s new baby girl!

You can’t really tell from the photos, but the buttons are white with a little bumblebee on each one.  I originally wanted just plain lime green buttons, but when those didn’t appear, I figured there would be only very few projects on which cute bumblebee buttons were appropriate.

Given the speed at which I knit this little sweater, I thought briefly about casting on for a second one right away.  A quick glance through my other knitting projects and ravelry queue, as well as the feeling that I would run into some sort of ‘second sweater’ syndrome, squashed those plans – but I do have plenty of yarn to churn out a few more baby sweaters this summer.  I did purchase Laura Chau’s Sweet Bunting Cardigan pattern and keep nudging it up the queue – so maybe that will be my next baby knit? With about 7-8 pregnant or adopting friends right now, I have plenty of babies to knit for!