A re-write of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.  I thought it was a fun read, but if you want to know what happens in this story – just imagine all the things you hoped would happen in the original.  Darcy and Elizabeth like each other almost right away? Check. Wickham’s plan gets thwarted before it even starts? Check.  Caroline Bingley gets kicked out of Netherfield? Check.  Nothing occurs to pull Lizzy and Darcy apart during the whole of the book? Check.  His relatives are already friends with her aunt and uncle? Check.  Lady Catherine threatens Lizzy and Darcy and so gets sent to America with Wickham? Check (but wasn’t expecting that…)

Like I said, fun read, but well, a little too ‘perfect’.  I mean, I like a happy ending, but a book that is only happiness the whole way through?  A little too ‘nice’ for me.   Still, good descriptions of period details and etiquette and will probably re-read sometime (when I need a happy-only type book) since it’s on my kindle.