Back at work today after a very good weekend.  Finished a couple of books, cast off Fiorella and blocked it, helped some friends move, dinner and movie with some other friends, watched the latest episode of Doctor Who and crossed off several things on the ever present ‘to do’ list.   I washed all my winter hats to be stored for the summer, put together the supplies to make a few flower pins, did endless laundry and washed (what seemed like) hundreds of dishes, stopped by a charity shop for a guidebook to Paris for our July trip, made bread and picked up groceries, volunteered in the nursery at church and made plans for the fun and busy week to come.  I didn’t make it to the Botanics last week as my goals list would have me do, but did sit outside Friday late afternoon to catch the last of the sunshine that day (75 degree weather in Edinburgh = amazing!).   Gotta be honest, I think I might still be a little too selfish of my time and schedule to have kids! :)

The above shown M&Ms got me through a very quiet day at work, and now I am preparing for dinner with a fellow couple at New College.    Here are some random thoughts for today – the beginning of the week:

1. Dark Chocolate M&Ms are just the best.  Although, depending on the day, I might say that about any variety of M&Ms.

2.  Have finished 12″ of the Woven Stitch Laptop Case, 18″ more to go and they’d better go fast.  I need to mail this thing MN this week, so will have to trade cleaning for knitting until it’s done.

3. Been on a Sherlock Holmes kick lately – books, shows, etc. Am amazed at how differently the character is portrayed depending on the author/director and love that he can be played as both a clean cut gentlemen with a sharp tongue or a sort of dirty addict with a genius that borders on insanity.  Will have to research some articles about this – it is most fascinating to me (don’t judge). 

4. Dear Seth, let’s please go out on a date soon. Maybe we can see the new XMen movie or get a schwarma?  Love, Rachel

5. I am still collecting far too many ideas for projects and not actualizing them.  As I obviously do not have the budget, nor enough hours in a day, to attempt all of the ideas/designs I see – maybe I should take a step back from looking at ideas and use that time to work on completing some I already have materials for.    I am already planning to sketch out some sewing plans for after our November trip to the states, where I plan to make full use of Joanns 40% off coupons and bring back some of my fabric stash to Edinburgh.  I have yarn in my stash for 10 projects, so should stop queuing a million new patterns until I knit through it (and should be perfectly content and not impatient while doing it!).   This realization of having too many ideas strikes me as both a burden and a source of happiness, as I cannot make everything I’d like, but do love the inspiration and creativity the various blogs and books I read bring.   How to balance this?  Any ideas?

6. How come I have so many pregnant friends right now?  I am having trouble keeping track of all of the names and birthdays of the little ones as it is, stop bringing new kids into the mix! :)

7. Though I have seen very few that I have really liked, I am in the mood to make a maxidress for my wardrobe. A floor length dress I made as a Jane Austen costume for Halloween a few years back was a dream to wear – I loved the material swishing around my legs and the whimsy of a long dress.  I am thinking that a modern version of a floor length dress is in order.  I wonder what style would suit me best and will have to sketch out some ideas – woven or jersey? Hem ruffle or plain? Scoopneck, vneck or straight?  Pattern or solid fabric?  Hmmm…  Speaking of maxidresses, this post from Dottie Angel made me laugh.   

I think I will stop my thoughts there for now.  Please comment on any thought that strikes you as I am eager for dialogue…  Hope you are having a wonderful Monday!