A recent visit to a huge antique fair saw me buying a china tea set. Well, I tried to buy it myself, but my visiting mother-in-law bought it as a gift for me instead… so sweet.

{Indian Tree Pattern China}

It’s a 1930’s set in a popular pattern – meaning I can easily find the missing pieces I need.  It came with 11 teacups, 9 saucers, 11 dessert plates and a teapot (that did actually have a lid until I dropped it a few days ago – ergh).   I’d love to pick up extra pieces for a full 12 sets plus sugar bowl and milk pitcher (and a new top for the teapot, of course), but will be happy to host tea parties without those pieces for the time being.

I love the bright colors and combination of floral designs and geometric patterns.  I am not usually a huge fan of gold, but the delicate gold edging adds to the overall design in the best way.

I love how special it feels now to make tea just for me – it’s really helping me with my goal of ordering less Starbucks… :)

Who wants to come over for tea?