1. Summer Mystery Shawlette (from WendyKnits, free pattern found here in 5 parts)

2. Chrysanthemum Mittens (have ripped back and rewrote the pattern, but then put them on a time-out and started a shawlette)

3. Giraffe Toy (has not seen the light of day in a month – the skeins of yarn are tucked into a project bag next to the nose and the head – sort of creepy really)

4. Plain and Simple Pullover (Trying to give this one a row or two each night before going to sleep – it’s so boring it’s better than a sleeping pill.  Okay, well, it’s not THAT boring, but isn’t the best thing to knit when tired – each row seems like an eternity)

5. Cast on a wee baby hat in some leftover brown yarn.  I wanted something that didn’t require a chart/pattern and was at least a worsted weight yarn – since none of the above fulfill both of those, I started something new.  So far I have done an inch of ribbing and a few rows of stockinette.  In like 15 minutes.  It was great. 

Most of my knitting this week has been focused on the shawl – my first real shawl and really my first attempt at any sort of lace.  It’s been quite easy so far, though I will admit that my shawl will have plenty of mistakes. For example, if I end a repeat with an extra stitch or one less stitch than needed,  and a quick recount of that repeat shows that the mistake was in a previous row – I totally just knit those two stitches together or make an extra one. I just don’t really anticipate anyone looking THAT closely at my shawl and it certainly doesn’t bug me for this specific project.  Were I writing a pattern or doing a test knit, I would dutifully tick back – for this, not so much.  Plus, I think I showed my knitting grown-up-ess when I ripped back three inches of fair isle mitten.  Just don’t tell Wendy that I am being lazy with her lovely pattern…