No photos to go along with this list, but they will come along soon.

1. Went to WoolFest with some dear friends from knit group last weekend.  Got to hold a kitten-sized ten day old lamb and bought yarn to dye and fibre to spin.

2. Tried my hand at top-whorl drop spindle spinning.  My first attempt started as a slubby thin yarn and ended closer to a worsted weight slubby yarn.  But, I am still pleased with my new hobby.

3. Finished my first lace shawl last week, but will have to wait to show it off to the world until the fall (but no complaints about the warm weather!). Photos to come.

4. Feeling rather dull of late – tired and unsocial with nothing to talk about.  I am hoping this melancholy will lift soon – Perhaps a week in Paris is the cure I’ve been needing…

5. Am missing my family as we approach the Fourth of July.  My extended family on my dad’s side always does the Fourth together, and this year instead of all staying near my aunt’s vacation trailer home and being a  part of the small town parade in Solon Springs WI, they will be headed up to my dad’s land near Duluth MN for four-wheeling, golf, and apparently I hear rumours of secondhand above ground pools that have been purchased.  You’d have to know my crazy family to truly understand how I will miss this slightly white-trash/hick gathering in northern MN – I am considering writing a biography of the Johnson clan to preserve the memories for future generations. If any Johnsons or adopted Johnsons are reading this, I wish you well and safe for this Fourth of July weekend.  Enjoy the Lodge and don’t do anything stupid with fireworks.

Gotta run, it’s secret birthday dinner time for a friend and we’re hosting – time to cook 50 meatballs for the spaghetti…