Pattern: Summer Mystery Shawlette by Wendy Johnson
Yarn: Old Maiden Aunt 4ply Merino & Bamboo
Colorway: Grape Soda (my own hand dyed color from the dye workshop)

I want to call this my first real lace project, but should probably clarify that before I do.  Can something be considered a lace project when (a) it’s in 4ply and not lace weight? and (b) the lace pattern is on one side only with every other row being ‘purl across all stitches’?  Can a wiser knitter please let me know? Thanks.

I had fun knitting this little shawl.  The pattern was originally a mystery shawl, so the pattern came in different sections – this small detail gave me a sense of accomplishment each time I completed a section instead of just thinking ahead to all I had left to do!  I also have to give bottom up shawls a big thumbs up – I mean, who doesn’t appreciate a project that actually goes faster the further along you get? By the time I was on the last section, I felt so close to the finishline that I did the whole section in one sitting then immediately blocked the shawl. 

Don’t stare too closely at my shawl if you are an advanced lace knitter – I will admit to K2tog’s and M1’s when my stitch count was mysteriously off at the end of a pattern repeat (though I did always check to see if the mistake with within 20s of my current position, I mean, I am not THAT lazy… most of the time).  I am actually surprised that this little shawl looks as good as it does given the amount of mistakes I remember finding – I am seriously in love with it.   It doesn’t hurt, of course, that the yarn is a dream. It was soft and squishy in skein form, and after blocking is even more soft and lovely against my neck.

Not being able to wear this right away is my one and only complaint against summer.