This was April’s bookclub book.  We are reading Pulitzer winners that are set in New England as a type of bookclub theme for three months (May = The Shipping News).

This book would never have been a personal choice of mine to read without the assistance of my incredibly intelligent and clever bookclub ladies.  Seriously, every time we meet, I am amazed at their knowledge of history, philosophy and other disciplines, as well as how well-thought they all are.  I admit to being a little intimidated by them all, but know that it’s for the best that my mind is stretched!

I did find this book very interesting and had a great time discussing it with the group.  I can’t say that I’d put it on my ‘Read Yearly’ list, but am glad to have pushed through my initial misgivings to give it a full and thoughtful read.  Please note: the non-admission to my ‘Read Yearly’ list is a totally subjective personal choice based on the darker content of the book, and is not a reflection on Strout’s writing ability.  Her writing was beautiful and almost poetic – really superb.   I would recommend it for other bookclubs, as it does offer a lot for groups to discuss.

(Actual reading date: April 18th)