The blog has been quiet of late, though I am sure those that read this nonsense will notice that my blog-per-week numbers have never been very high.   I’ve been busy in the real world though:

-making project bags for a friend in exchange for an Amy Butler pattern and some Wollmeise.
-visiting Seth in Paris for a week (I know.  Me in Paris?  I could barely believe it myself.)
-knitting and making plans for more knitting.
-finishing up small projects.
-sewing up scrap fabrics into a to-be-continued quilt.
-eating far too much sugar and continuing to contemplate an exercise plan (running, pilates, both?)
-job searching (going down to PT at work starting Monday – anyone need a creative, fun, efficient assistant?)
-seeing HP7.2 twice (I 100% prefer the book’s version of the ending)
-having a sleepover party with friends (food, Boggle, 3/4 of a movie, big breakfast, lots of laughter)
-learning the art of the espresso machine at Olive Cafe for my August Sunday lunch shifts.
-making cookies from the Nestle Tollhouse recipe because I was feeling homesick.
-putting together a project planning binder (organizing mixed with crafting is one of my favorite things – maybe that’s a job I should look for… hmm.)

How have you been spending your July?