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A finished version of Jane’s unfinished work.  My favorite version.


A women thrown from her wealthy lifestyle makes a living as a successful seamstress.  And no, this is not a romance novel in the trashy sense, despite the title and strange cover image.  :)


Another Yarn Harlot book – I am loving the knitting humor.


Continued on through the short series – enjoyed the re-read!  Felt a little nerdy reading a children’s series, but it brought back so many good memories of reading it when I was younger.  The writing and the humor is very clever – would be a good series to read together with kids without getting totally bored.

One of my favorites from my childhood and clever enough to be interesting to an adult.  It’s the first in a four book series, so I think I will continue reading through them (for probably the 10th time in my life, if not more).  GREAT for older elementary school kids and anyone who can still appreciate a story involving practically minded princesses, dragons, princes and magical kings.




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