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Still knitting away on the list from last week, but have finished the sock yarn hat (and have worn it every day for the last week) and the collar on my 2010 cardi (just the short sleeves to go).

Also have printed off patterns for several other projects I’d like to start – so next week’s WIP Wednesday should have a few more things added to the WIP list.  Luckily I have a really great schedule for the next month with lots of days off because of the holidays – should be a productive time for knitting, reading, sight-seeing, sleeping in, and maybe even cleaning our flat.

I’m off to research blocking the living daylights out of a sweater – I have serious doubts about the 2010 cardigan’s finished size actually fitting me, but figure I have to at least try, yes?  Ergh.


Hello from snowy Edinburgh everyone!  The snow, though inconvenient, is good for a few things – giving me more excuses to drink tea and cocoa, allowing me several half-days at work, and of course, the chance to wear 3+ knitted items at a time on any given day.    

I am feeling really good about the pace of my knitting recently, and while projects aren’t literally flying off the needles, I have been more dedicated to knitting than my other hobbies as of late.   I am also pleased to see that the small stash of yarn that I brought across the pond with me is slowly shrinking – meaning that I am actually knitting, as well as getting me closer to my goal for our time in Edinburgh: Not keeping a large stash of either yarn or fabric.    While we are here, I plan to be a non-stash-er.  (Leaving aside the two bins of fabric and one small bin of yarn I left in the states, cough cough.) 

Anyways, that is a post for another day (this week, hopefully).   Here is my updated list of WIPs for this week:

1. Sock Yarn Hat
2. 2010 Cardi
3. Brown Vest
4. Grey Cabled Mitts
5. Blue Shawl

I think this list matches exactly what I posted last week, but I finished my Christmas knits and ripped out something else (for good reason, since I can’t even remember what it was now), I must have missed something in there….  #1 & #2 should be done within the next week or so – leaving me feeling totally not-guilty about the bout of start-itis that I feel coming on…

If I had endless time and money:

(Because I don’t want to have any issues with copyright, etc, you will just have to link through to find out what each of these looks like – sorry!)

1. Who wouldn’t want to cover jars in little jar-sweaters?

2. Being a huge fan of Wall-E, how could I not want to make a stuffed Eve toy?

3. Edinburgh winds force me to wear a scarf at all times, why not this chunky knit cowl from TenTenKnits?

4. Knowing as you do my immense love for small zippered pouches of all kinds, I may need to make a few of these.

5. After seeing this cardigan on A Friend to Knit With, I believe I will have to make my own.

6. What do you know, another scarf...

7. This sweater, by one of my favorite designers, the cardigan version.

8. I have no need for knitted Viking dolls, but these ones sure are cute.

9. I would like this cardigan and would make one for me and a matching one for Seth.

Just kidding about the matching.

What would you do with endless time and money?  (besides save the world, end hunger, etc etc – let’s go for shallow answers here people…  I already trust that you would do the good stuff first.)

Happy Tuesday!

I don’t know when I will have children to dress in costume, but when I do, one of them is going to be THIS

Happy weekending!

when you have wellies like these?

Nothing new started since my last WIP post.  I am still plugging away on my 2010 Cardi – separated the back from the fronts and moving along (though slowly). 

Working on my Malabrigo sock yarn hat and Claudia Hand Paints mitts still as well.  Life has been filling up here in Edinburgh and I can’t seem to pick up the needles every day as I would like to!

New project idea: Picked up a couple of pretty skeins on clearance recently without a plan in mind – now I think one of them will become a ear-warming headband.  Since I walk everywhere, I am in a constant state of temperature change – it’s cold outside, but walk for 25 minutes and you are sweating.  A headband will be nice since it will release some heat while keeping my ears blocked from the wind (a constant issue for me here and the cause of many of my headaches – literally).   I am thinking of a 2×2 rib around, with a crocheted flower to add interest -or a cute bow like I’ve seen on many other headbands around the city… hmmm.  Anyone else have any ideas for headband designs/patterns?

Here are two silly photos that I had some friends take of me while visiting  my parents this summer.  We have had that trampoline since before I was born and I believe now that my youngest sister is off to college, my parents plan to sell or give away my beloved trampoline.   My sisters and I protested, but our begging was in opposition to the fact that we really didn’t jump that often and two of the three of us live out of the state/country and the third is now in college out of state.   I think my parents would prefer to have their lawn back to make room for the homemade version of bag toss and ladder golf my dad created.  

I remember doing flips and crazy style jumps on this baby, that is, until my last flip ever ended with me in the patch of tomato plants (don’t worry, I was shaken, but not injured – though I never did a flip again). 

My high school boyfriend fell through the trampoline once – the old top ripped in two places, perfect for his legs to go through and hurt in just the wrong place.  His high pitched, startled groans were muffled by the sound of my laughter as I ran in to get my mom – we got a new top for the trampoline the next week and my boyfriend recovered to jump again. 

In junior high the trampoline was the reason for my first and only grounding – My mom’s rule was always “One at a time!”, and I was grounded for a week when she came home from work to catch me and six friends jumping for the 5th day in a row.

Will it maybe still be around for my visit home next summer?  There’s a slim chance. 

But until I know for sure, these photos will have to suffice as my last memory of the “tram-bomp-o-leen“. 

Here in the UK, there is a gigantic department store chain called John Lewis.  This is not just your average Sears, JCPenney or Macy’s, and my main proof of this is that they have a CRAFT section.  Fabrics, sewing machines, notions, yarns, embroidery supplies, books, magazines, etc, etc, etc.

Hubby and I visited this craft-store-inside-a-department-store this past weekend, as I was in need of a sewing machine.  Before we moved I passed along my machine to a friend who was going to re-learn to sew, and since we’ve moved I’d already borrowed a machine from a new friend (thanks, Katy!).    Normally, I would have assumed that I could make it more than two weeks in a new place without a sewing machine – I mean, sewing is a hobby for me, not a job.

However, I actually did get a job sewing here in Edinburgh – super part time sewing for a company producing a line of eco-friendly accessories, all made from reclaimed waste materials.    So far for them I have stitched up eight re-usable grocery bags, with more orders coming this week.    They have hired about six sewers around the Edinburgh area – the company cuts out the fabric for us, and all we have to do is stitch the bags together.  Each one takes less than an hour to complete.

Because of this job,  and because it would be friendship suicide to keep borrowing Katy’s machine (she is a very avid sewer herself), I was happy to HAVE to buy myself a new machine.    I ended up picking out the lower end, lightweight Janome after debating about how much money I should spend on a machine when I don’t have a grown-up job yet… better quality? more heavy duty? more expensive.  Good enough? less expensive – and really, besides these simple tote bags for work, I probably won’t be able to afford to sew like mad while we are here – because let me tell you: Fabric here is expensive.  Too expensive.    Therefore, the less expensive machine came home with me on Saturday.    And I LOVE it.

The bonus to buying a less expensive machine?   I didn’t feel the least amount of guilt picking up a few other things while at the craft section of the John Lewis…

{Rowan Lima – Baby Alpaca & Merino wool}

My first Edinburgh yarn purchase – destined to be a hat for me. It’s a dark taupe-y gray with hints of purple.  This yarn is so wonderfully soft, and they must know what they are doing to have some sample knits in this yarn out at the store – it totally sold me on this yarn when I was able to see and touch a finished garment made up in it.  Yum.

{Sophia Carry-All by Amy Butler}

I also picked up my first ever Amy Butler pattern (though I have been eye-ing them for a while).   The one downside is that I think I shall have to wait to make this bag until I can save up the money to afford all of the materials that go into it.  I never thought I would miss JoAnn fabrics and a 40% off coupon…

I think I will start a change jar dedicated to the future purchase of fabrics and yarns. It should be a slow enough way to save that I won’t accumulate any sort of “stash” while we are here (my goal from here on out).   If anyone has any pence they’d like to donate, send them along!

Happy Tuesday!

Feeling inspired by a post by this lovely lady, and having no photos to show for my last week’s worth of crafting, here are some good things about this week:

1. Attending TWO knitting groups in two days.
2. Eating two pieces of chocolate cake in one day.
3. Re-watching the LOTR Trilogy.
4. A new friend who let me borrow her sewing machine after only a few days acquaintance.
5. Tall glasses of cool water.
6. Dreaming about visiting all of the beautiful vintage and second hand shops I’ve seen on my walks around Edinburgh.
7. Reminiscing about friends and family back home. (good in the memories, not so good when I think of how much I miss them)
8. Lots of time spent with my hubby.

There have been more – I feel like the transition from there to here is going well.

Back later with photos of knitting…

Hello from Edinburgh everyone!    Eventually you will be able to hear all about our new adventure on our new family blog, but for now, I will catch you up briefly on a few things that I have been doing/thinking about.

Here is the view from our hotel window:

Here is a headband I made for a friend before I left (I also made a baby one for myself, but alas, no photos):

Just a simple flower on a headband – I wish I could make a million of these and sell them on Etsy…  hmmm.  Going to have to look into this idea and see what sort of crafting culture Edinburgh has, anyone have any idea?

I would really like this backpack – they used to have it in this great pink/blue combo that I preferred.  I showed it to my mom, who thought I had really lost it, but well, I just love this.  And let’s face it – I would love to own almost everything Fossil makes when it comes to handbags… (hint hint Christmas 2010: Fossil giftcard = amazing)

I guess my Fossil love also includes small zippered bags (though to be honest, I have an obsession with almost all small zippered bags).  I have one for my makeup (no photo), and recently bought one for $4 on clearance to hold my drawing supplies:

I think I had told myself originally that I was buying this for a gift, but let’s face it, I am a total sucker for these things – Fossil + zippered bag?  It was a lost cause from first sight.

In the background of the above photo you can see something that resembles a red striped shirt.   It is actually my small travel pillow.  I picked up this pillow at the thrift store to use for my back on the long car rides to and from MN and IL.  The actual pillow isn’t totally awful to look at, but I did have this button down that hubby HATED – so I sewed it up into a pillow cover.   Hubby mostly hates it because it has sort of ironic nautical embroidery all over it (which he thought was kind of old lady-ish).  But I mean, how could you not love a shirt that has this on it?

Don’t worry, this particular bit of embroidery wasn’t pointing anywhere inappropriate… :)
The end of the story is that I eventually listened to my man, and decided the whole thing was better suited to a pillow cover than an actual shirt – and I actually really like it.

I finally started my 2010 Cardigan and have a few inches to show for myself:

Next to the knitting is my favorite book – it’s a continuation of one of Jane Austen’s unfinished works.  Great light-hearted story with lots of humor.

I plan to stop in to a knitting group I found on Ravelry in a couple nights – they meet at a tea place every Thursday.  I am excited to meet some people in my new city.   Tomorrow I plan to walk to a couple of Edinburgh’s knitting shops – just to see what they offer for classes/yarn/knitting groups.  I am hoping the staff can also give me an idea of what the crafting culture is like around the area – websites, fairs, conferences, etc.

Oh, so much I want to know, and so much impatience to know it.

I guess to finish up this crazy, random post, I might as well show you a couple more photos – this is what hubby and I together brought with us to Edinburgh:

We were such a traveling circus trying to get all of this through airports and onto shuttles and into the hotel – it was an ORDEAL.    Here is my stuff in our hotel room:

It apparently gets bigger once unleashed from its cage….

Farewell for now – more to come soon!   Love you all!


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