Good morning from a suspiciously sunny Edinburgh!

I’ll save the absence apology for another time and move right into the fun stuff.  Well, my definition of fun stuff, maybe not yours…

I have finished Seth’s sweater in time for him to wear it while it is still cold.

It came together nicely and fits well after blocking.  Now I am finishing a few belated gifts and then it’s on to knitting for me – so selfish I know…

I have been sewing blankets for this shop in Edinburgh, a job I picked up via a recommendation from my lovely friend Kristen.  Now that I’ve been doing blankets for a couple months, my boss Suzanne asked me to complete the patterns and designs for fleece hot water bottle covers (a project started by Kristen before she got all fancy and went to London Fashion Week. Just kidding, Kristen, I am so happy for you in your new job!).  So this morning I pulled out all my scrap fleece and got to pattern designing based on Suzanne and my meeting from last night.   I’d show you a photo, but it’s just some turquoise fleece and some paper (actually, that would be a cool photo, but I can’t find my camera…).

Kristen, Suzanne and some of the other sewing gals from the shop came up with some great designs to be appliqued onto the ‘hotties’: Nessie, a thistle, a scottie dog, flowers, a sailboat and more.  I’ll be busy with these for a while as Suzanne has just made her initial order of 35 (3-4 of each design).  I am really enjoying being a part of a design project from the ground up – Thanks to Kristen and Suzanne for trusting me with this work!

I’d better get to designing and sewing, as Seth and I head off to the states for a visit home at the end of the month.  We haven’t been back to the states since we moved to Edinburgh 14 months ago – Bring on the family time (and a little Chipotle thrown in there too)!

I hope to be back in this space soon with more finished projects and photos.  Happy Tuesday to you until then.


A new anthology of fan fiction stories about Pride and Prejudice.

A love letter to Scotland in romantic novel form – both happy and sad, the type of book that makes you feel both awful and great about the ways of the world.  Now that I am living in Scotland, it has much more meaning for me.  I read the entire book in 2-3 hours while flying back from Paris (in July). 

Credit: Beautiful photo by Tales from the Village

A dessert chef who moves to Paris and writes about his experience becoming a true ‘Parisian’. Lots of humor with yummy recipes mixed in.


Like an action movie in book form…

This book plays with the Biblical story of Noah’s Ark and the flood – turning the ‘flood’ into a plague, a disease which has been preserved through history and is now in the hands of an evil madman planning to bring about a new earth through a second ‘flood’. The main characters must first stop the modern day attack, then save the ancient ark.  It isn’t a Christian view of the flood, but it certainly isn’t antagonistic to the Biblical account either – if that’s something that might worry you about this book!

It’s action adventure plus historical treasure hunt – very fun to read.

Third in the Liberty Lane mystery series – very fun read!

Second in the Liberty Lane mystery series – love this series!


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