Last month’s “Something Made, Something to be Made” was very fun for me!  Especially when Lauren of Suzy2Homemaker emailed to see if she could join up late – I said “Sure, you can swap with me!”  (I am always up for swapping with anyone interested, by the way…hint hint).

I sent along a small purse and some trims and other small things – and then I get Lauren’s box in the mail.  Oh. My.  What a generous lady!  Lauren – thank you again, really – great swap box…

Swap Misc

Wrapped up very pretty inside the box came out trims, ribbons, thread, extra fabric, some yardage of a felty woolen lace fabric, a sweet knitting book, and also this bag that I have now worn or used every day since I got it on Saturday…

Swap Bag

It’s Lauren’s own pattern (soon to come out, I might add) and it was filled with three skeins of yarn and a pair of needles!  Does she know me or what?  Well, we’ve never met, but still – this girl knows things, let me tell you.  I love the size of the bag, that I can get it over my shoulder, and it ever has some cute pockets on the inside (one is shaped like a heart – what a fun idea to add to a bag!). 

I also received my swapbox from Sarah of Simply Remember My Favorite Things a couple weeks ago.  We were doing the Favorite Things Swap from According to Kelly. I sent Sarah a scarf and other really random favorite things.  She sent me back a magazine, nice lipgloss, lotion, pencils and other fun-ness that I unfortunately didn’t have time to photograph before ripping in to it all and enjoying those favorite things!

I really like swaps. Thanks again Sarah and Lauren!